Fast, easy, and secure

approved by the well known internet filtering company geder

The solution to using Telegram for business is here! 'TelOChat For Business' brings you a safe and kosher way to use Telegram for business communication and chatting. it is approved by the popular Filtering company Geder.

With 'TelOChat For Business' you can use Telegram fast and secure messaging with the peace of mind that you will only see or hear what you want to.

built for the community

TelOChat is a not for profit organization

how it works

When installing the app you will automatically have full access to all personal chats. groups and channels will be disabled.

request system

access any group or channel

With just one click you can request access to any group, channel, or file type in a group, and it will be sent to our service team for review.

await approval

what you need to do next

After submiting a request you simply need to wait for it to get approved, after getting approved it will automatically be opened.

More safety

Block direct messages from strangers

With TelOChat for Business you can only be messaged directly if that persons phone number already exists in your contacts.

A Kosher experience

clean searches

Search results in TelOChat will only show content that is already on your phone. that allows you to use the search feature without compromising your values, and protect you from having inappropriate content show up on searches.

Please note that TelOChat was built for business use and will therefore approve all business related groups and channels